Major Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Students

Pursuing higher education abroad is a dream of many young students. Many countries across the world offer programs and courses across every major/stream for aspiring students in their respective fields of study. But choosing the right university or college and more importantly, the right country is no mean feat.

In such a scenario, it is no secret that Canada is one of the topmost preferred destinations for international students looking to pursue their higher studies abroad. But do you know how Canada managed to carve such a name for itself?

Let’s take a look at the major benefits of studying in Canada for international students, to get a clear idea of why Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for international students

Quality of Education

Canada is renowned worldwide for its excellent academic standards right from pre-elementary to secondary, colleges and universities. The quality of education at affordable tuition fees makes the country one of the most favoured higher education destinations for international students. The QS World University Rankings 2021 includes 26 top universities from Canada. The universities and colleges in Canada offer a wide range of courses in various disciplines such as engineering, microbiology, telecommunications, environmental science, agriculture and so on.

Standard of living

Canada offers a higher standard of living than most other countries, which is especially attractive to international students coming from developing countries. Studying in Canada would give them a chance to experience a life they aspire for and an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

Affordable cost

Keeping in mind the aforementioned points that Canada offers the best in class quality of education and highest standards of living, life in Canada is surprisingly quite affordable to a student, compared to other English- speaking countries offering similar experiences. Life in Canada is relatively less expensive without compromising on comfort and giving a chance for experiencing the limited luxury that a student can afford.

Job opportunities

Aspiring students in Canada have a plethora of full time job opportunities after graduation. There are a horde of companies offering well paying and attractive job packages that help international students get their life on track. The Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) lets international students stay in Canada and work for up to three years after their studies. Moreover, these international students will be eligible to apply for permanent residency after their one-year employment in Canada. As per government norms, international students also have a chance to take up part time job opportunities while pursuing their studies too.


Universities and colleges in Canada offer many types and categories of scholarships to international students who wish to pursue higher education but do not have the means to meet the expenses that it entails. Students can choose institutions that provide scholarships and grants based on their field of study and interest.

Permanent Residence

Living in Canada is a dream for many; thanks to its wonderful climate, immigration friendly policies, standard of living, and much more. A major benefit that Canada provides to its international student community is a chance to continue to live and work in Canada with a Permanent Residency after graduation. Interested students may explore the possibility of obtaining PR in Canada after graduation and after earning requisite work experience.

Thriving student community

The student community in Canada is diverse, vast, and thriving. You can find a multitude of international students from across the world staying and studying in Canada. Interacting and learning from people from across the world is an experience that Canadian students can benefit from.

Experiential learning

Canadian universities and colleges offer programs and courses that give equal importance to classroom learning as well as hands-on experiential learning. Such practices in turn enrich a student and provide much needed practical knowledge and application.

Friendly people

The people of Canada are extremely warm and friendly and are very welcoming of international students and immigrants as well. Their amicable and good natured behaviour is loved by all and have earned them a reputation of being one of the friendliest people in the world.

Government norms for international students

Canadian government and the educational institutions of Canada are keen to grow their international student population, so the country has very welcoming and student friendly policies in place. Canada is one of the few countries in the world looking to actively grow their young population and they are willing to open their doors to international students and young people looking for jobs; which in turn translates to more job opportunities once you graduate from any college or university in Canada.

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